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Commonly asked Questions:

My tattoo will only take an hour, can’t you sneak me in?
I get asked this question all the time.  My wait time is usually 3-4 months, since I am the only artist in the shop.  And though this seems like a reasonable request,  (and an unreasonable wait) there are many reasons why it is not simple to  “sneak you in”.    

For a 1 hour tattoo, 3-4 hours are involved on my end. You will be in the shop a minimum of 90 minutes to 2 hours (for 1 hour of ink).  There is paperwork to fill out, questions to be discussed, artwork to be adjusted, stencils to me made and placed, setting up the inks and needles,  the aftercare procedure and payment takes time, as well.   I also need an hour before and after your tattoo to prepare, sterilize the shop, paperwork, answer emails, create tattoo designs for the week, and give my muscles a proper rest.

Long story short,  a 1 hour tattoo, I need to find a 3-4 hour time slot to “sneak you in”.  This is simply not possible, unless I have a cancelation.  Even a 5 minute tattoo, will take a minimum of 2 1/2 hours of actual time on my end.  I hope this helps explain the process and the scheduling.  

Will it hurt?
Yes…it hurts.  The needle moves in the motion of a sewing machine, and cuts the skin as it moves.  Most people compare the pain to a cat scratch, or a bee sting.   It’s not pleasant.  Everyone has a different pain tolerance.  Some people scream and cry in excruciating pain, others find it relaxing and could fall asleep.  The pain only lasts while the needle is actually cutting you.  When there is a break, and afterwards, it feels like a sunburn - very tolerable.  

Each part of the body is also a consideration.  Typically, on any bone, is very painful.  The spine, foot, elbow, shin, sternum, color bone - can be very painful.  The more muscle mass, the better for the pain.  Also where the skin is very soft and sensitive can be quite painful; the inner arm, the ditch (opposite the elbow), back of the knee, etc.  Most people would agree the ribs are the most painful spot on the body, mostly because it combines both, sensitive skin and bone.  

I always recommend not to avoid a particular area, solely for the pain, because, they all hurt.  And it will only hurt for a while, and then you spend the rest of your life wishing you would have put it where you wanted it.  The pain is temporary and usually tolerable.

Is It OK to Get a Tattoo if I'm Sick?
Getting a tattoo when your immune system isn't at 100% isn't a good idea. You're going to need your strength and your white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won't be able to do if it's already doing battle against virus and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that it’s  inconsiderate to bring your illness into the tattoo studio and risk passing the germs onto others. If you have an appointment, call and reschedule for when you're feeling well again.

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