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Getting Started

1. Prior to appointment:


Take time to decide what you want for a tattoo, it is permanent. Feel free to bring ideas of your own to us. You can either email your ideas to or schedule a consultation. If you have your own design, you can contact us for a price. Send your image in an email including colors, size, and where on your body you are wanting your new ink. 

 If you need help designing a tattoo or a cover up, we can help you with that, but not until you have committed yourself to an appointment date. Once you have set up an appointment, we can begin the design process. We work with all original designs, there is no "flash" in the shop.

2. Day of appointment:


Make sure you have eaten within 4 hours prior to your tattoo. Do not consume any alcoholic beverages the day of your tat, and ideally not the day before. Alcohol thins the blood and causes more bleeding, which in turn will make it difficult for the ink to be laid properly.  

You must be 18 years of age, for a tattoo. If you are a minor, you need a parent or guardian present for their consent, and a copy of their driver's license will be kept on file. Dress appropriately for your tat, wearing loose clothing, leaving skin easily exposed.

Follow the aftercare instructions given. Aftercare is extremely important to the final outcome of your tattoo. It is possible for your tattoo to become infected, particularly if I do not follow the instructions. If any touch-up work is needed due to aftercare negligence, it will be done at your expense. Basic touch up's are one time free of charge.  

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