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324)  "I wanted to improve a tattoo that was not to my liking. Kat and I set up an appointment while I was still in my home town of Perth, Western Australia that worked in perfectly with my trip to Colorado. Kat is such a lovely lady who immediately made me feel at ease about my decision to use an artist that I had not met. As an artist she designed the most beautiful tattoo that not only corrected the original character but enhanced it with beauty and true Elegance. Then because we had a bit of time left she did a small tattoo that covered a scar on my shoulder. I am so thrilled with the results and the opportunity to have an artist leave her design on my body."  Thank you Katherine.)


323)  "Katherine at Elegant Ink is the best! I wouldn't ever go to anyone else. She is patient and really goes all out to make sure her client is totally happy with her work. I have been there three times with each one being very special for me."  Michelle Corley


322)  "Kat works with you to design your tattoo, provides a comfortable space for you while you get your tattoo! I have gotten 4 tattoos with her."  Lisa Damiani


321)  "I had an amazing experience with Kat at elegant ink! Kat is the best artist around! I just recently got a large piece done by Kat and I am more than pleased, it turned out so amazing! I couldn’t be more happy. Kat has a very welcoming and calming environment I felt empowered and relaxed when I went to my appointments. She is nothing short of amazing. I got an angelic piece done and custom lettering of a bible verse. Kat captured exactly what I wanted."  Lena Siscoe


320)  "Kat was amazing. I just got my first tattoo and she made everything super easy and comfortable. I can’t wait to schedule my next tattoo."  Susie Cowan


319)  "I've had 5 sessions with Kat so far working on my sleeve. Kat is an artist in every sense of the word. Her work is amazing and I get compliments on my arm on a weekly basis. She's also an incredible human who creates a welcoming and safe environment in her studio. I'll be bummed when my sleeve is finished because I just love hanging out with her. Might have to keep coming back!"  Jessie Myers


318)  "Kat does amazing work and has an awesome private studio. Plus I got to pick the show I wanted to watch!. Looking forward to getting all my tattoos completed by Kat. Totally worth the wait."  Jamie Gibbs


317)  "Got my 1st tattoo from Kat. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. She went out of her way to ensure it met my expectations. Thank you!"  Jake Durouen


316)  "She was great, Very clean neat place! I highly recommend!"  Diana Quezada


315)  "I went here for my first tattoo and Kat is so sweet, talented and patient and makes sure you are getting what you want. I asked a lot of questions throughout the whole process and she answered each one and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend getting a tattoo from her."  Audra De'Aeth


314)  "Kat did an amazing job! Very detailed tattoo, it looks perfect."  Ildiko Bella


313)  "Was treated with the utmost respect by a truly talented artist. I cant wait to have my 1st tattoo from her. I've waited almost 53 years to get my first tat. Obviously she is booked way out. I will wait my turn."  Danny


312)  "Great experience getting a tattoo incorporating a serious scar. Kat is delightful. The tattoo is crisp, colorful, and fun. Thanks, Kat. See you again."  Kristy Bennett


311)  "I had a wonderful experience getting a tattoo from Kat. She listened to all my requests and her design was beautiful. It has been over 10 years since my last tattoo so I was a bit nervous, but that quickly faded as Kat makes you feel comfortable. The space is private and clean. Can't wait to finish my 1/4 sleeve! I definitely recommend her!"  Jennah Anderson


310)  "My first tattoo on my mothers birthday. Mom passed away in May and Kathy was amazing made me feel okay and did an amazing job. I will be back."  Henrietta Parham


309)  "Kat is great! The first session went well! Looking forward to the next sessions. Artwork is fantastic and crisp."  Ben Vue


308)  "She is awesome!! Love my tattoo."  Sabrina Shires


307)  "Can't wait to meet the beautiful artist who is going to do my piece for my Breast cancer!" Denise Millette


306)  "Great experience with Kat! Her shop is clean and the entire experience was very professional. She does great work- and was able to get 4 of us in for matching tattoos when she had a cancellation. Prices are reasonable, and she is quick! Booked another appointment right away and have recommended her to others. She's worth the wait."  Christine Tanguay


305)  "Kat does amazing work! Her office is very clean and inviting. She created a tattoo that I loved and I will definitely be back again!"  Kamran Kinoshita


304)  "I went with a friend to support and found the environment so relaxing and inviting that I had to get a tattoo also. My new favorite place!"  Samantha Evans


303)  "Great work! she was nice and very easy to work with! i love the studio she's in its clean and cozy and just positive vibes everywhere! my only regret is i didn't tip enough, i wish i could go back and give her more for what she did, otherwise everything was perfect! thanks Kat! hope to see again!!"  Tyler Wells


302)  "I just got my 4th tattoo from Kat and I LOVE IT. I will never go anywhere else. She is so sweet and makes you feel right at home. Beautiful work. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants a tattoo. I even took my mom to get her first tattoo with her, and she loved her too!"  Jamie Schlener


301)  "My BFF and I scheduled matching friends’ tattoos with Kat! Our experience was awesome from the start! I reached out to Elegant Ink via email to schedule and Kat was amazing with her quick response and willingness to design a piece of art we would love. We wanted it to represent our trio of friends even tho only Monica and I got them! When we arrived, Elegant Ink was very clean, private and friendly. Kat made us feel right at home. We were able to watch Grey’s Anatomy on Prime while we got our art! Kat was very thorough and immaculately clean. She is a fast artist also! Always a plus!! Could not have been happier with our experience!! Check her out for your next piece of body art!!"  Kimberly Vogel


300)  "I have been tattooed in the past. This is the first true tattoo artist I have worked with. She creates such elegant, graceful line work, artistic skill is such I trust my skin entirely into her hands. Love my elegant ink!!"  Brenna Dee


299)  "What a great experience. Top notch tattoo experience. I highly recommend. Great communication about the design and a professional experience. Plus, the tattoo came out great. I will be coming back here (and only here) for my next tattoo!! You will not be disappointed!"  Philip Bernhardt


298)  "I got my first tattoo here from Kat, and she made the whole experience so easy and relaxed for me. I felt totally comfortable in her studio. There are so many places in the Denver area to choose from, as a newbie it's hard to make a decision if you don't know anyone with personal experience. I chose Kat because her compassion and artistry really came through in her portfolio and website. I definitely made the right choice. My tat may be small but she didn't make me feel like I was wasting her time or talent. I will definitely be back when I'm ready to branch out to bigger things. Thank you Kat!"  Elizabeth McGrath


297)  "Kat is amazing! We worked together to make my idea even better! She is very knowledgeable, experienced and talented. It's been 13 years since my last tattoo, and I'm glad that I went to see her! Everything worked out very well and I'm very pleased with the result. Her water-color work is beautiful!"  Jen Keep


296)  "Kat, at Elegant Ink,  is intuitive and understands that when you are adding a permanent piece of art to your body that it absolutely must be perfect! She asks questions and really listens to what you want from your new tattoo. She won't start on it until she has a complete idea of what you want. Her tattoo portfolio is pretty extensive and her art that hangs on the wall is extraordinary! Her pricing is reasonable especially considering her talent. All in all I had an awesome experience!"  Nanette Briggs


295)  "Kat did an amazing job on my tattoo. I was nervous as it was my first. Kat was very nice to let me bring my girls. They enjoyed watching. Thank you."  Sunshine Steffonich-Gallegos


294)  "Excellent and fair pricing. My go to spot from now on. Great, clean environment and Kat knows her stuff. Helped create my design from a story and turned it into my next tattoo. You have to schedule out with her but it's worth the wait."  Mike Higgins


293)  "Searched high and low for a tattoo artist when I finally decided to get my first tattoo. I needed an amazing artist and a quiet shop. Kat at Elegant Ink fulfilled all of my criteria for a tattoo artist!! She is super professional and amazingly talented. She was able to take my idea and meager sketches and create just what I had imagined. Communication before my appointment was timely and clear. Her studio is small and quiet with a tv and multiple streaming platforms available to watch while she is working. I already have an appointment for my second tattoo and will be going to her for all my tats in the future. Only downside is she's so good, she always has a months long waiting list. Currently about 5 months. Plan ahead and you'll have plenty of time to decide on your final design. But well worth the wait!!!"  Mandy Hildebrand


292)  "I love Kat! I had the best time getting tattooed by her. Not only is she incredibly nice but truly an amazing artist. I am very excited to get more tattoos by her!"  Amy Munoz


291)  "Katherine Anne is the best. Easy to work with and very personable. I highly recommend her and her establishment!"  Erin Dupper


290)  "I got my very first tattoo this past April and I love it! Kat took my ideas for a tribute to my Grandma and did a beautiful job painting those ideas onto my inner forearm. Love the watercolor and size. Her space is clean and personable. Can't wait to schedule my next ink with her!"  Melissa Bruner


289)  "Kat is incredibly talented, friendly, patient and professional. The tattoo she did for me today is one of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. Her shop is clean, comfortable and very welcoming. I will definitely be going back to Kat. Thank you so much Kat! I am extremely grateful!"  Kali Lanigan


288)  "I just moved from CT to CO and finding a new tattoo artist is HARD! I waited 5 months for my appointment with Kat but she was great! We started the outline of my tattoo and I am obsessed! She was very profesional and clean! Her room is very welcoming with a TV so I could keep myself busy! I cant wait to go back next month to finish!"  Katie Larson


287)  "I saw Katherine Anne last night and it was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed her and I got a magical tattoo that means a lot to me. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be back."  Kameron Storlie


286)  "Got some ink done from Kat for the first time today. Her shop is clean and comfortable, she has a great and welcoming personality, and her tattoo work was fantastic!"  Cindy Schenck


285)  "Always great ink and great conversation!! Kat dose a great job one of the best definitely! You will not be a disappointed!!"  James Zupan


284)  "After 15 years, I’ve finally got this tattoo! And I wouldn’t want it done any other way. Big shout out and thank you to Katherine for working so hard to make this piece exactly how I envisioned it. She’s an amazing artist who takes time and pride it what she does. If and when I’m ready for another, I’ll be back! Thank you!!"  Lori Noones

282)  "Thanks again for the tattoo. You’re the bees knees! I'll be sure to return for my next one. You have also motivated my wife to get her tattoo that she wanted." (Mark Evans)


281)  "I truly didn't want to leave. Cant wait for my next visit." (Bart Frasier)


280)  "I had a fairly simple tattoo done by Kat but it h​as a lot of meaning to me. She is so nice and does an amazing job! Will definitely be going back to her again. Thank you Kat!" (Kristin Terry)


279)  "I wouldnt get another tattoo by any other artist. Kathrine Butler is awesome!" (Nicole Eads)


278)  "I just had the best tattoo experience ever with Kat! Your shop is quiet, clean, and personal. You listened to what I wanted and you completely exceeded my expectations! I am so very excited for you to continue to make my piece complete! I just cannot say enough good things about Elegant Ink!" (Julie Rohr)


277)  "Kat is an amazing artist and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process! Wouldn't go anywhere else for an amazing piece of art!" (Ally Nicole)


276)  "I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have amazing ink put on my body. Best experience ever!" (Kimberly Heath)


275)  "Have you meet Katherine?! Not only is she amazingly talented but she also sooo nice! It seriously feels like you’re just hanging out it her living room getting some high quality ink! All my friends use her and I seriously can not ever wait to get back to her!!" (Chelsey Hanel)


274)  "Kat made my first tattoo an amazing experience. What a wonderful memorial tattoo." (Michael Kane)


273)  "Kat is amazing and very passionate about her work. She is a true artist and I really liked her attention to detail. My tattoo is exactly what I wanted and she took the time to make sure it's in the perfect spot. Now it's healed and looking awesome. I am very happy she was the one who did my piece and I definitely recommend her." (Andrea Adamcova)


272)  "It has truly been a pleasure working with Miss Kat! I'm 43 years old and she just gave me my first tattoo a few months ago, which turned out AMAZING! It exceeded my expectations and continues to do so. I couldn't believe how inexpensive she was too, that was a nice surprise! As a matter of fact, she's giving me my 2nd tattoo tomorrow...exciting! Kat is very warm and welcoming, I felt 100% comfortable in her presence - and having her INK me up for the first time ever! She made me feel at ease throughout the entire process and was more than accommodating. I highly recommend her services without hesitation, she's wonderful in all aspects!" (Michelle Taylor)


271)  "Kat is amazing! We worked together to make my idea even better! She is very knowledgeable, experienced and talented. It's been 13 years since my last tattoo, and I'm glad that I went to see her! Everything worked out very well and I'm very pleased with the result. Her water-color work is beautiful!" (Jen K)


270)  "I recently went to Elegant Ink for my first tattoo. Kat, the tattoo artist, was so good about listening to what I had in mind and creating just what I was looking for. She was patient with my unending list of questions and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Kat!" (Cheri Callaghan)


269)  "I am so happy I found Kat and Elegant Ink. She is very talented, experienced and makes you feel right at home! I was nervous for my first tattoo but she made me feel at ease from the second I walked into her studio. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me and I will continue to return for more tattoos." (Ingrid Nichamin)


268)  "Kat is amazing. She is a true artist. Prices are comparable to quality (she could charge so much more for her work). She is usually booked a month or two out. Very well worth it!!!!" (Sonya Banuelos)


267)  "Absolutely amazing. Kat was very accommodating and sweet. She did a beautiful job on my wrist. I could not be more pleased." (Brittany Wampler)


265)  "Kat is wonderful! She is knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. We collaborated well on my idea and it turned out even better than I expected. She is a small business owner and I like to support women in business as much as I can. Go to her - you'll be glad you did!" (Jen Keep)


264)  "I want to give a huge shout out to Kat! She is an amazing artist and worked with me to give me one hell of a tattoo. I will definitely be coming back to her for a 3rd tattoo. I wish I could post a picture of my amazing tattoo....she gave me an amazing spider tattoo and I absolutely love it. I have been showing it off since I got it today. So here is a great big thank you to Kat- you're amazing!" (Sheena Hodge)


263)  "Kat came highly recommend to me as I was on the hunt for an amazing tattoo artist for my first tattoo. Kat is very responsive and professional. If you are willing to be patient you'll receive top notch services from beginning to end. Kat was amazing and fast, and my tattoo turned out just as I wanted. The healing process that Kat uses is also amazing! Thank you Kat! I will be coming back as soon as I find my next design idea!" (Marry Cohn)


262)  "Friendly and very professional....luv her work. Clean shop!! Only by appointments, no walk ins." (Raju Ghale)


261)  "Kat is an amazing artist. If you’re willing to be patient to get in to see her it’s definitely worth it! Her shop is cozy and comfortable and she’s got incredible skills. I am so thankful that I found her!!" (Natalie Trenany)


260)  "Love my last piece, love them all. Kat's stuck with me as long as she's tattooing, or tell I run out of skin, haha. But I would even be around then. Such and amazing woman and very creative and talented. Love this place and always will." (Chad Bandelin)


259)  "Katherine is the best!" (Bethanne Beisner)


258)  "I couldn't be happier with my tattoo, very detailed and personalized. It was worth the wait, thank you Kat" (Tom P)


257)  "Kat was an instant friend and gave me my first tattoo and most likely will do the rest! As soon as I walked into her shop it was warm and homey, which helped with the nervousness of the first tattoo. It was just a great experience to put it simply but I could talk about how much I enjoyed it all, MY TATTOO IS AMAZING!!!" (Tim Pfeif)


256)  "Kat is the best & her place is so comfortable." (Russ Elliot)


255)  "Kat is amazing, a wonderful person. The place is very neat and I had a great experience getting my first tattoo. Thanks for all the care and the extra chocolates! (Rouble Malik)


254)  "Katherine is awesome. She is such a great artist and really makes you feel comfortable in her shop. I've gotten two tattoos from her now and my sister's have gone to her as well." (Nora Conrad)


253)  "My favorite tat spot." (Lewis Warren)


252)  "Kat is an amazing artist! I have never been so happy with a tattoo before and I have several others. I love the fact that she takes her business so seriously and makes it such a safe environment for all her clients, especially women. The shop environment is so inviting and different than any other place I have been. The fact that she sees one client per session is the greatest idea ever. I didn't have to be on display for everyone else to see. Overall, the best experience I have ever had when it comes to a tattoo. Not only that but I will definitely be returning for more to come and future cover ups." (Jennifer Millikan)


251)  "Katherine was so friendly and comforting. I had gotten my first tattoo last year on my shoulder blade. I'm coming back again to get one on my wrist. Very pleased with the results and the healing process is very easy with a clear bandage." (Jade Martin)


250)  "Great Work, Super Friendly" (Devon Montoya-Cahill)


249)  "Kat is an awesome artist and I'd definitely recommend her and I'll be back!!" (Debbie Malinowski)


248)  "I had a great experience here ! I was having a memorial tattoo done for my wife who passed away in October. Kat worked with my idea and created a wonderful piece! I would recommend her 100% to anyone who is thinking about getting a tattoo." (Dan Darrada)


247)  "My son and I went in for his first tattoo today, SUPER amazing, this lady rocks on tattoos. I was fully impressed by her work that I myself made a appointment for myself can't wait supper excited!" (Bobbie Jo Langmacher)


246)  "I had been planning my last tattoo for over two years and I knew when I met Kat for our consultation that I had found my artist. I had several concepts and visions of what I was wanting and Kat perfectly captures not only the design but utilized the perfect coloring to bring out the vision of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Her shop is clean and quiet as it is by appointment only and Kat let me bring my own playlist while we put the ink on. Such a great experience, I will definitely be back for future ink and have already suggested Kat to my family and friends. You will truly love the experience." (Kim Heath)


245)  "Katherine is so nice and brilliant in what she does. I had my first tattoo done and she made it so perfect and amazing." (Rg V)


244)  "I took my daughter for her first tattoo at Elegant Ink. Katherine was very welcoming and answered all of my questions. The shop was clean and organized I was extremely impressed with everything. And the tattoo looks absolutely amazing, and for a fair price. I would definitely recommend Elegant Ink to others." (Rob Marr)


243)  "I got my first and second tattoo here with Katherine and she's simply amazing. She is patient and understanding. I say this with the utmost endearment -- Katherine had this "fun mom" vibe that put me at ease. She has a private little shop and only sees one client at a time so you get the cozy comfort of having Katherine's 100% attention without being distracted by other people. She is knowledgeable about her trade and is an artist at her core. I definitely recommend Katherine and Elegant Ink for those who may be on the fence about getting a tattoo or is nervous about any preconceived notion of what a tattoo shop is like. It was a very relaxing and comfortable environment.  Now getting the tattoo itself is painful but I assume that's common knowledge. It was as bad as I expected, not any more than that. It was like a sunburn that is being scratched at -- eventually you get use to it and then it's just the buzzing of the equipment that might get annoying. Katherine has a TV with Netflix and Hulu+ to distract you from the noise, though. She does little sections at a time and then provides some relief; plus you get breaks whenever you want/needed and she only counts the time she actually spent working on the piece. It was definitely not that bad. I 100% recommend her." (Mindy Duong)


242)  "I went in to get a half sleeve, so far it looks GREAT! Kat was super nice and she does great work. It was a very calm environment and that helped make me less nervous. Can't wait to go back and get it finished! I would and will be recommending Kat to anyone I know wanting to get a tattoo." (Linette Watson)


241)  "Kat was very kind & chill. I Got a small simple tattoo for my first time & it came out cute. The pain wasn't too bad, Kat put on Netflix & it helped keep my mind off the pain. Overall my experience was awesome! Highly recommend." (Elizabeth V)


240)  "Kat is awesome, we just finished my tattoo, I waited to find someone I could trust for a long time, and I am extremely pleased with the results. She is a true artist and worth it. I found my tattoo artist." (Bonnie Taylor)


239)  "If you're needing a tattoo look no further. Kat does an excellent job. She is Friendly, has nice art work, a comfortable setting and a steady hand. She recently did a Cover up on an old piece and made it look awesome. I made another appointment right away. And will continue going back for any other work. Recommended for sure!" (Jose Aragon)


238)  "My sister and I got matching tattoos and Kat did an amazing job. I highly recommend her and will be going back for more!" (Tove Rundberget)


237)  "Got matching tattoos with my sister! She did amazing!!" (Sarah Stark)


236)  "Does all my wifes and my work. Kat is amazing!!!" (Ryan Holten)


235)  "This is the 3rd time I have had Last do my tattoos. I will be back!" (Randy Smith)


234)  "Kat is so awsome...she does excellent wrk we just love her." (Rachel Jacobs)


233)  "Had my 6th tattoo done by Kat and I will never go anywhere else! Wish I would have known about her for my other 5! She made me feel super comfortable, my tattoo looks amazing and by far it was the best experience I have had at a tattoo shop!" (Natascha M)


232)  "This is the shop I have been waiting for!!!!! I have been wanting to cover up some work that was out dated (for my life as it is now) and quite frankly, ill conceived. I found Kat @ Elegant Ink. with google, after reading reviews and looking at her portfolio I thought I would reach out for her advice. Glad I did, not your typical shop, 1 person, no flash art and by appointment only. Awesome, no drunk 21 year old's wandering in. This is truly a shop for adults to get serious tattoo's done. I have had my first of about 3 2hour sessions done and am thrilled.If you have been turned off on getting work done by the typical shop/artist vibe call Elegant Ink. you will be glad you did." (Mark Speros)


231)  "Kat did an amazing job. She really nice and easy going. I really love my tattoo. Planning to go there again for my next tattoo." (Mai Sue Moua)


230)  "I won’t go anywhere else! She has done 5 tattoos for me so far!" (Laura Cianco)


229)  "Amazing experience! Kat is kind, gentle, and extremely talented!!! (Kendra Ellett)


228)  "Kat did a great job on my 2nd tattoo with her! I would recommend her for sure." (Ken Lewis) 


227)  "Amazing work! Kat is fast and gentle. Great location centrally located." (Jennie Ladtkow)


226)  "She's so rad, nice, cool, and talented..high5 Cat! See ya soon!" (James Wallace)


225)  "Incredible! I love my new tattoo and she is honestly so sweet. My first time and she was so welcoming!" (Hannah Ellenberger)


224)  "Kat did an amazing job with my tatoos! She is very creative and patient. I loved that she showed me many options for what I had picked and my tatoos look so beatiful and deatiled. Thank you so much Kat!" (Eloisa Sanchez)


223)  "Kat is so awesome , very sweet woman !!! Will never go anywhere else . Love my tattoos .She really makes you feel at home . I definitely will go back to her !!! Thanks Kat !!! " (Dorothy Seeley)


222)  "Absolutely love my first tattoo. I wanted something meaningful to remember my dad and his service to our country. She created exactly what I was looking for - a simple angel wing with my dad’s dog tag #. Was nervous at first but Kat walked me thru it and it turned out to be an awesome tattoo. I’ll be back when in town visiting my sister." (Dawn Pruitt Headrick)


221)  "Good work and good prices... definitely get your tats done by these guys..." (David Davis)


220)  "Kat is incredible. I wanted to have my first tattoo covered up (it was a small lily on my hip) with a large tattoo of my wedding bouquet. Kat and I exchanged emails and she worked so hard to get it exactly right. It came out absolutely perfect - it is better than I imagined it. While she tattooed, we watched Friends! It made the 5 hour session so much more relaxed. You can't even see the original tattoo, which is exactly what I wanted. The colors are vibrant, the lines clean, and the shading really gives it a lovely depth. My other tattoos are from various tattooers in LA, and Kat blows them all out of the water. Her attention to color, detail, and placement is really impressive. She is obviously a true artist. Also, for whatever reason, this tattoo is healing so much more quickly than my others did. Also - it was so nice to have the shop completely to ourselves, especially since my piece is on my upper thigh and hip. It was such a good experience, and I am thrilled with the results. I'll post a photo when it's fully healed. Kat is now my go-to tattooer for all future pieces. I really can't recommend her enough. Thank you, Kat! (Ashley Paige Feytko)


219)  "Excellent cover up tattoo done by Kat! Got it done 6 months ago and love it!!" (Andrea Rondeau Holtorf)


218)  "I really appreciate everything you do. I cannot tell you how many people have seen your work on my arms that comment how light and bright and beautiful it is. They are so used to seeing heavy darker tattoos. You breath new life into this art." (Becca Spiller)


217)  "Love my last peice, love them all. Kat's stuck with me as long as she's tattooing, or tell I run out of skin, haha. But I would even be around then. Such and amazing woman and very creative and talented. Love this place and always will." (Chad Bandelin)


216)  "I love Kat! I got an amazing tattoo with my best friend and also a new piercing! I won't go anywhere else anymore!!!" (Sarah Vollmer)


215)  "Kat is absolutely outstanding!!! Will definitely be going back. She did my husband's first tattoo and he had a great experience. Can't wait for next tattoo !!!" (Rachel McCray)


214)  "Kat updated and added to my motherhood tattoo. It looks so great now. Professional and clean space. Thank you for a great experience Kat!!" (Censie Sawyer)


213)  "I just got a tattoo at Elegant Ink and it was the best experience I ever had at a tattoo shop. Kat is very talented and did better then I could have emaganed. She is very personable and a joy to be around. I will never go anywhere else to get a tattoo. Thank you I love my tattoo!!!!!!" (Jamie Schlener)


212)  "Katherine was fast and did such a great job!! Her place is very homey and comfortable!!" (Lisa Dumaini) 


211)  "Kat is a delight and super talented! She is charming, a wicked perfectionist and will work with you to make sure it is exactly what you want. I have just returned from getting tattoo #2 from her and it is pure art. I will be back for another in May. Thank you, Kat! You rock!" (Kelley Barrett)


210)  "My mom and I came in for both of our first tattoos! I had been planning out my tattoo for months and ended up drawing a floral sun that i absolutely adored. I met with Kat before the appointment and instantly felt comfortable! She has a very welcoming aura about her and made the who process not to intense or scary! My nerves completely vanished as did my moms. She was very concentrated throughout the hour and a half long tattoo and the final result showed it! My tattoo came out better than I could have even imagined, I am so grateful to have found her and will continue to have her as my artist! She is beyond fabulous when it comes to all aspects of a tattoo, she truly knows what she's doing and her enjoyment is contagious. Whether you are getting your first tattoo, a long tattoo or adding more to your collection, Kat is the best choice you could ever make!" (Tori Bohling)


209)  "I just got my first tattoos today and I'm so glad I went to Elegant Ink. Kat is kind, professional, patient, and a true artist. She put me at ease and did a great job. The line work is super clean and exactly what I asked for. I highly recommend getting a Kat tat!" (Karen Windness)


208)  "Super nice! Cozy atmosphere. Will come back for next Tat." (Josh McGlothlin)


207)  "Kat is an amazing artist and does stunning tattoos. She is so easy to work with, and reads my mind every time. I'm thankful every day that I found her. " (Emily Ordock)


206)  "Hands down the best tattoo experience I've ever had. Kat is amazing! Beautiful artwork, super friendly and puts you at ease the minute you walk in. Will definitely be going back to Kat very soon!" (Chastity Cohen)


205)  "My Wife and I have debated for years the idea of getting "tattoos". Now that we are in our 60s, we decided that it was now or never. My Wife contacted Kat, sent Emails back and forth for our designs and we set a date to "get it done". October 18th rolled around and off we went. Kat made us feel welcome, worked out the details (My Wife was getting a Phoenix and I, my family crest). The whole process was incredibly easy, very little to no pain and when done, we LOVED the work!! To anyone who may be "sitting on the fence" - let me assure you - this lady does EXCELLENT work! I simply can not recommend "Elegant Ink" and Kat enough! Thanks again and we WILL be back in the future!" (Charles Alexander)


204)  "I absolutely ADORE Kat! I've gotten 3 tattoos done by her and got my nose and eyebrow pierced, amazing job every time!" (Dominique Simon)


203)  "This may be the best tattoo experience I've ever had, going back 20 years. I've had work done in shops in Australia, San Diego, and other places in Denver. The shop just has the one chair and artist, and is by appointment only so noone randomly wandering through. Very relaxed, at one point I may have snored. Cannot wait to get back in for my next one." (Tom Collins)


202)  "Elegant Ink is a great place to get a tattoo! The owner is super friendly and accommodating and the setting is very comfortable. I give Elegant Ink my highest recommendation!" (Lisa M)


201)  "My husband and I found Kat on Yelp and decided to give her a try based on her 5 star reviews. We were not disappointed! Although she is artistically known for her cover up tattoos, my husband and I wanted original tattoos together. During our consultation, she talked through our idea and helped us decide on a better option. She was very thorough in placing the outline of the tattoo to ensure it was in the right location. While we got our tattoos, we were able to watch Dexter on Netflix, which helped take our minds off the pain. Overall, Kat did an excellent job on our tattoos, and I highly recommend her services to novice or experienced tattoo enthusiasts." (Kelly D)


200)  "Kat did an amazing job with my tattoo!!! I would definitely recommend her :) She is so helpful and accommodating with the design and she did a great job at creating exactly what I wanted and it turned out better than I could've hoped." (Erin Renswick)


199)  "Kat is wonderful with interpreting and making desired modifications to design! The parlor is extremely comfortable and clean. Any work done in the future will be done here. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would, Kat deserves 10+" (Chelsie S)


198)  "I found Elegant Ink searching for tattoo shops and reading the reviews. I was impressed by the reviews. After the consult, I left confident knowing that Kat understood what I wanted and that she could do the job. That was important to me because the art I wanted was drawn by my son. I also loved that she is a one client at a time shop. It was very relaxing not having to hear other machine or conversations going on at the same time. I am absolutely thrilled with the finished product. Kat managed to get every last detail my sone did on his original artwork. Many have found an artist they specifically go to for ink, I have now found mine! Thanks Kat." (Etzel Gomez)


197)  "The best ever! So far my number is three tattoos, the best, and I am going back in a few for more excited! I will probably have 60 tattoos and I am sooooooo excited every single time I go!" (Elizabeth Wallace)


196)  "Kat is amazing, talented, patient and all around the BEST tattoo artist and friend!!!" (Paige Terry)


195)  "Kat was very professional and extremely easy to work with."

(Amber Morlan)


194)  "Ok folks, Kat is the real deal! After doing a lot of research for tattoo artists north of Denver I contacted Kat after reading all the positive reviews she received. They weren't wrong. Kat is a super nice, fantastic person. She is also a consummate professional and a great artist. She runs a nice clean shop. We met to discuss a shark tattoo, I gave her my ideas and set a time for the tattoo. Several days before the appointment she sent me several design ideas and patiently worked with me until I got what I liked. The tattoo is beautiful. She did a great job and I couldn't be happier. If you live in the north Denver area, give her a call. You won't be disappointed." (Alfred S.)


193)  "Katherine was professional in every way. Clean studio, no other customers during our session. This is where we will continue to get inked." (Gina Binetti)


192)  "Kat is wonderful!! Easy to work with, artistic, intelligent, not pushy. All needed in permanent artwork you will look at for many years to come." (Ashley)


191)  "Kat is the consumate professional with the personal touch." (Leo)


190)  "Kat is awesome" (Theresa)


189)  "Always wonderful experience!!" (Adrienne)


188)  "I love Kat, I think she's great and won't see anyone else" (Chad Bandelin)


187)  "I love that the sessions are private and I enjoy the benefit of watching a movie of my choice to take my mind off of things. Kat is a lot of fun and a pleasure to be around!!" (Jamie Dhainin)


186)  "Love Kat she is an awesome artist as well as a friendly and welcoming person" (Denise Young)


185)  "Kat is the best and very easy to work with. Can't wait until the next time" (Max Gonzales)


184)  "This was a fantastic experience. I absolutely loved Kat and her studio space. It was very comfortable and she was confident, talented, and detail oriented with my tattoos. Thank you so much! I could not be happier with the finished product and I will definitely recommend her :)" (Scot Rees)


183)  “Kat is wonderful!! Easy to work with, artistic, intelligent, not pushy. All needed in permanent artwork you will look at for many years to come.” (Sandra Wisely-Carr)


182)  "Kat made me feel very comfortable, had Netflix so I was watching bobs burgers for the whole procedure, she made my tattoo exactly how I wanted it, I'm very happy with it being my first and all, I will be going back to get another one." (Karen Rivas)


181)  "I love it! Kat is a sweetheart she did my very first tattoo, she takes her time and makes you feel as comfortable as possible. I will definitely be going back :)" (C. Montes)


180)  "Had a great experience getting a tattoo at elegant ink with Kat. The shop is small, cozy and very clean. She has a little coffee/tea area which is always nice. Will be coming back for another tattoo for sure. Thanks again Kat!" (Melissa Weir)


179)  "This was the best experience I've had getting a tattoo. Kat was friendly and patient and her shop is comfortable and private. I recommend her to all my friends, especially those getting a tattoo for the first time!" (Alisa Ann)


178)  "You won't go wrong with Kat! I just left with new piercings and can't believe how easy it was. She was supportive, fun and informative. I can't wait to make my next appointment with her. compared to some of the other places I've been to, this is the best place. Make an appointment!" (Shoua Vue)


177)  "I went to Katherine on referral from family members (whose pieces are awesome!), and I was not disappointed. She was easy to work with from the get-go. Responded quickly to texts and e-mails, and made the design process go very smooth. Scheduling was a breeze, and she worked right on time! Her parlor is welcoming, comfortable, and very clean, with lots of lovely artwork to peek at. She was true to her pricing (which was less than I had budgeted), and did an amazing job. Fun to talk to, too! I know I'll be returning for my next piece as soon as possible. Did I mention she gives you chocolate at the end of your session? Yay!" (R.C.L.)


176)  "Kat was patient and so helpful in getting the design I wanted just right. She adapted a design for 3 different tattoos for family members. Her business is clean and comfortable. She locks the door so there is no worry about anyone walking in. Her prices are very affordable and work is excellent - a true artist." (Mark Patterson)


175)  "Kat is a beautiful soul and fantastic artist. She does quality work with a light touch. Her private shop was just what I was looking for. I'm glad I found her located near me." (Stephanie B)


174)  "I recently went to see Kat after doing a lot of research on where to go and get a tattoo. I've had some before but this was much different than lining. All the reviews said she had a nice shop that made everyone feel at home. I decided to schedule an appointment and was so excited to finally be getting the piece I had wanted for a while. She helped me pick the size I wanted and made sure the placement was just right. She sat me down and had Netflix running for me to watch! I had never had anything like this before, so that made it so much better to get my mind off of the pain. The finished product was amazing. It's still healing but I love it so much! I'll definitely be going back to get a touch up from her and to be getting a few others I want as well. P.S. The carnation was done by Kat, the lettering was done somewhere else a little over a year ago." (Courtney)


173)  "I was scared to death to get my first tattoo. I highly recommend this shop for your first time. I was put at ease, and Im very happy with my final ink." (Lynn W)


172)  "I have a lot of ink from many different places. This is definitely my new shop. I was very pleased." (Rachel L)


171)  "Kat has an amazing touch with the tattoo gun and has an amazing artistic eye. I am absolutely thrilled with my tattoo and am already planning at least 2 more from her. I would highly recommend going to her." (Sean M)


170)  "Katherine did my 5 of my tattoos and she has me wanting more!! She listens to what YOU want, and draws up the design before you start. She is a great artist and I have referred many friends who wanted work. Im always so comfortable in her shop." (Rod C)


169)  "I have been wanting to get a new tattoo again and have one that I am unhappy with, so I was a little nervous to go somewhere new. I was referred to Kat by a friend, and have seen her tattoos by Kat, as well as others she has done on her website. I felt relaxed once Kat went over more of the details; what size, color and the placement of my tattoos. I already have my next appointment booked to cover up my unhappy tattoo, and know Kat will make it a new and better tattoo!" (Becky)


168)  "Kat is amazing!! She made me feel very comfortable as this was my first tattoo. I am so happy with it and my experience! I will never go to anyone else!" (Tracy S)


167)  "What an amazing experience. Not only is Katherine an amazing artist but the atmosphere is also amazing. I haven't been proud to show my are for a while and today I am walking around with short sleeves. Too bad it's cold! Hands down I will go no where else and will recommend Elegant Ink to anyone who is interested in body art." (Tracy B)


166)  "I went and got worked on the other day, and it was AMAZING!! Did a great job and was very professional and caring! Will go back!" (Steffan W)


165)  "Kat is a true artist. I have used several Groupons for other artists and have gone to her now 3 times. Very reasonable in price. Her studio is a true studio-not a parlor or shop. The walls are covered in her very tasteful paintings-NOT stereotypical tattoo fare. I e-mailed her designs and she put together a proof page of 6 designs she thought I would like. We tweaked them there in the studio. Kat had me stand in several positions in front of a mirror to get the placement just right. She is pleasant,cheerful and very professional. She offers a blanket, TV or music during the procedure-so appreciated. I also like the fact she closes the Studio so you aren't surrounded by other patrons and noise. Very woman-friendly!" (Sandra C)


164)  "Katherine was a joy to work with. From the first email collaborating on what I wanted to the day I had it done. The whole process was easy, Her shop is clean, full of her one of a kind art. You don't have the constant interruptions that you do in some of the bigger shops. When you're in her chair its all about you. Her work is beautiful, the quality is second to none. I had my wrist done a week ago and it's healing beautifully, no color variations or blotches. Highly recommend." (Robin Collins)


163)  "Kat is exceptional! Her studio is inviting, clean and peaceful. She was prepared with the designs we had discussed via email. The piece she did was a coverup from a tat that didn't turn out as planned. She did a lovely job. Thank you!!!!" (Michelle D)


162)  "Great experience with Kat. She worked with designing a custom tattoo that was exactly what I wanted. She was a pleasure to work with and the price was reasonable, especially with all the time she spent sending me design ideas and making changes until we had the perfect design." (Mark Patterson)


161)  "I'm so glad I stumbled upon Kat! I purchased a groupon after making sure her reviews were good, and got two tattoos from her. She will be my go-to from here on out. She was able to put together my ideas onto paper and then skin. Totally professional, super clean shop - I watched 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix while she worked on me! I have another one planned in the not so distant future and I will be returning to her. Fair prices and high quality work." (Katie S)


160)  "Just like art is unique and diverse, so are tattoo parlors. Katherine is an amazing artist on many levels and those of us looking to get a tattoo for the first time, or to fix an old one, or to add to our collection are lucky to have her. Had a very relaxed and laid back experience. There were never any concerns from the moment I got there. For those not familiar with the area, don't let the location fool you. Its a well put together parlor with plenty of sitting room and a comfortable feel. Would definitely go back again." (Gina L)


159)  "I absolutely loved working with Kat!! She went the extra mile in designing my tribute to my mom and then made sure I was comfortable during the tattooing process! I will definitely be recommending her to my family and friends." (Revue Jones)


158)  "I had such a great experience with Kat. She has created a very serene environment, I was very comfortable and at ease and that is very important to me and something that added to the experience. She worked with me to get just the right design... simple yet meaningful to me and I love it. Thank you Kat for your patience and I'm sure we will be back! " (Diana Trowbridge)


157)  "My mom and I went in to see Kat yesterday for matching mother/daughter tattoos. The experience was absolutely wonderful!! Kat was very friendly yet professional and made us feel at home. She was super pleasant and answered all of our questions. We loved her aftercare instructions package, especially the chocolate and will be going back!" (Tammy Jeffords)


156)  "Kat is absolutely amazing. I felt so comfortable and my tattoo came out perfect. She worked with me to make it exactly what i wanted and it's my FAVORITE tattoo I've gotten so far!!" (Samantha Geary)


155)  "Love Kat! Does excellent work! Can only say great things!" (Nancy Pereira)


154)  "I known Kat for 4 years and have gotten four tattoos from her! Everytime she's great! Does exactly what you want how you want. She's super nice and extremely understanding. I can say for sure that Kat will be my primary artist for as long as she can be!!" (Dance Ganoe)


153)  "We have a wonderful experience with Kat yesterday! My daughter got her first tattoo before going off to college, and then my son and I got a quote that had special meaning behind it. I would highly recommend Elegant Ink to the novice or to the experienced! Thanks Kat for helping make dreams come true yesterday!" (Lisa Garbett)


152)  "Kat was very professional and very sweet. She did both my tattoos so amazing and I'm very glad I went thru her!!!" (Tiffany Keller)


151)  "If you want a tattoo you go to a tattoo shop. If you want a tattoo that will stand out by an amazing artist, you book an appointment with Katherine Anne!!! Absolutely the best experience I have had at any tattoo establishment. No words can describe how lucky I am for getting a tattoo here. Shops are a dime a dozen anymore... This shop however stands above the rest. The best customer service and experience, aMAZING art and skills, and you wouldn't even guess but it won't cost an arm and a leg!! The only way I will EVER go to any other tattoo shop EVER AGAIN is when this one closes. I am a client for life. Keep up the incredible job, Katherine Anne!!! And thank you so much!!" Michael Mazzucca)  


150)  "Kat, thanks so much for my tattoo. It is my first one and it was an awesome experience! I wouldn't go anywhere else!" (Tracy Snelling)


149)  "I couldn't be happier with the work I had done today. The atmosphere is non stress, no death metal blaring at crazy decibels which was a relief. Kat is an amazing artist with no attitude. I will go back and recommend Elegant Ink to everyone I know." (Tracy Baunecht)  


148)  "First session of many and it's all good! Arm looks great!" (Ted Guething)


147)  "Kat is the best!" (Tami Longmeyer) 


146)  "I'm writing a review based on my dear friend's tattoo. IT'S GORGEOUS! She has wanted it for so long and it is so beautiful. She has nothing but wonderful things to say about the service she received and the quality and professionalism of your work. Amazing!" (Stephanie Jondro)


145)  "Kat was so patient! I changed my mind so many times I figured she'd give up on me, but she didn't! I loved the environment and privacy of her studio. I'll definitely be going back to her! Not to mention I fell in love with her art!!" (Stephanie Adams)


144)  "Been getting all my work done here. Only place I will ever go to get struck up. Great work!" (Steffan Warren)


143)  "I love Kat and she is an amazing artist I've had the pleasure of getting tatted by her twice! Will be seeing her again on my next trip to Denver!" (Sheryl Van Acker)


142)  "A very enjoyable experience, the shot was relaxing you didn't feel rushed or in the middle of a busy room. there was no stopping to answer a phone. Kats artwork is amazing, she works with you until you have what you want and the finished result is beautiful. When something is forever you need to find a person like Kat." (Robin Collins)


141)  "Me and my son just went and got tattoos from Kat this morning and I am so extremely impressed with her talent, patience and fantastic attitude! I will never set foot in another tattoo parlor after this wonderful experience, she is getting all of my tattoo money from now on!!!!! I highly recommend her to everyone!!" (Paige Terry)


140)  "Kat is just wonderful! I just got inked for the first time and I absolutely love it! Kat is the best! My best friend and I will be going back soon to get our matching tats! We refuse to go anywhere else :)" (Miranda Cole)


139)  "Kat is amazing and as long as she has a shop it's where I'll go!" (Melissa Rapier)


138)  "Kat is clean and professional.... I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my foot tattoo." (Lynette)


137)  "So far so good. She's amazing! Just started but I have seen her work on friends and she nails it!" (Lexa Ochoa) 


136)  "Very professional and does good work. I will Def be back!" (Kerri Richmeier)


135)  "Kat is amazing!! I love her welcoming and friendly personality I already want another one and I'm sending many peeps to her!" (Denise Young)


134)  "Kat did a phenomenal job on my tattoo and provided great service." (Chart Geiger)


133)  "Great shop and a wonderful artist! I would highly recommend Elegant Ink to anyone and plan to return soon!" (Amber Michelle)


132)  "From the smile I received upon entering the shop to the great tattoo I left with, the whole experience with Kat st Elegant Ink was great. I'm looking forward to my next session!" (Adrienne Rossi)


131)  "I will never go to another artist again after working with Kat! She is simply wonderful at what she does!" (Abi Moneypenny)


130)  "Elegant Ink Is Very Much a Shop Others Should Model There Shops After ! I Had A EXCELLENT Experience! I HIGHLY Recommend ELEGANT INK ! To All Out There Seeking A Professional Doing OUTSTANDING WORK At A Extremely Resonance Price !" (R.J. Charles)


129)  "Excellent Artist, already scheduled for next tat.." (Paul Dyer)


128)  "Kat is awesome! So talented and patient in working out exactly what I wanted for a special family tattoo!" (MJ Pat) 


127)  "Katherine is, as usual, excellent." (Lewis Major)


126)  "Kat was wonderful! she was professional and understanding to my needs. she was patient and respectful. I would highly recommend her. " (Kristin Vaughn)


125)  "Very professional and does good work. I will Def be back!" (Kerri Richmeier)


124)  "Kat is so cool, love my new tattoo!" (Jim Kulanko) 


123)  "Wonderful experience with Katherine Anne. Love my new tattoo!" (Heidi Barnhill)


122)  "Kat was amazing! We will be back for more and highly recommend her."

(Carrie Anderson)


121)  "Katherine is a true artist. My whole experience was fantastic! From planning my tattoo to the finished work of art." (IVY BISHOP)


120)  "Thank YOU Kat. My family was amazed at the transformation already. Honestly, I've had regrets around just about every tattoo I've gotten and this one I'm super excited about. Thanks for your hard work and creativity." (JAKE POTTER)


119)  "Truly a great experience, very comfortable and very different from any other place I've been.she locks the door so no disturbances, just lay back and watch tv, before you know it , you have a great piece of art. Daughter was so impressed, she's getting her first one there!" (JAMES KALANKO)


118)  "Absolutely love Kat!! By far the best tattoo artist ever!! Guarantee great work and price nobody cam beat!!" (JUAN CORTEZ)


117)  "Kat is an amazing artist and such a great person." (KACEY TRUJILLO)


116)  "I love Kat! She's an amazing artist and an amazing person. Always so inviting and kind.I'm so happy I found her!!! And I'm thrilled with what I have so far for my sleeve!!" (KALA SKINNER)


115)  "I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work you did! I've been telling everybody at work all about you and how amazing you are. And if you're my friends have been looking for a new tattoo artist… I am giving them your information." (KATIE CELMER)


115)  "Amazing artist. Very welcoming shop. One on one attention. Not your run of the mill tattoo parlor. It's more like an artist's studio. Can't recommend her enough." (KEN KOPAS)


114)  "Kat is AWESOME!! I can't say enough good things about her and her work. When I was younger I got a terrible tattoo that I needed to get covered, I thought it was going to be nearly impossible to do but she absolutely killed it. We communicated via email which was nice because I could take my time sending her ideas back and forth, she didn't make me feel rushed. She is so willing to do anything, listens to all of my ideas, and ultimately helped me make the best decisions as far as the designs and placements. I feel like most tattoo artists are pushy and try to change your ideas a little too much, Kat isn't that way. Her shop is super clean and I love the decor. She has wall hangings of her own work! And for the icing on the cake-- she doesn't charge an arm and a leg. She is very reasonable. Since my cover up I have had three other tattoos from her. I highly recommend her to anyone." (LEAH FOSTER)


113)  "Just got a tattoo from Kat, and it looks great. She is very laid back and easy to talk to. I enjoyed her small shop and her professionalism. So happy I found Elegant Ink." (ERIN DUPPER)


112)  "Best tattoo artist ever :) she is the sweetest and makes you feel comfortable. She can also take any piece of art and make it look even more beautiful on your skin." (CHARIS ELYSIA)


111)  "Katherine was very patience with me and all my questions. The type of operation she has is what my wife and I were looking for and the only type of place that my wife would get a tattoo at. Privacy during the process and a shop that did not look like a biker bar were very important to us. I wanted a clean facility and process and Elegant Ink's whole operation met that important requirement. Katherine was flexible making sure we got the right tattoo and her art work is incredible. Katherine was the perfect person for us middle age first time tattooers. " (JOEY HOPPER)


110)  "Kat is very patient, very STERILIZED, neat & clean environment...your tattoo may look fantabulous in your eyes, but...If Kat thinks thinks it needs a little extra something she'll ask your opinion before she adds definition to it...I WILL NOT ALLOW ANOTHER TO DO ART WORK ON ME!!!! " (CHRISTINE SISNEROS)


109)  "No joke she is hands down the BEST artist in Denver. Her studio is clean, quiet and super comfortable. Kat is extremely patient and knows what she's doing. She is very focused on how the end result will look and won't do anything that will look bad. I highly recommend setting up a appointment. " (DAVE STEVENSON)


108)  "I love Kat she is such a talented artist! She exceeded my expectations and took so much time making sure it was exactly what I wanted. Kat will be the only one adding her expertise to my future tattoos. So excited that I already scheduled for my next one! Thank you Kat your the BEST! Whether it is your first tattoo or one of many Kat is the perfect artist, call her asap because she gets booked up fast. After all she is the BEST!" (DENISE DUNNINGHAM)


107)  "I absolutely loved the tattoo Katherine had put together for me! I would recommend all people to go to her for good work. She is such an amazing tattoo artist ." (DOMINIC CABALLERO)


106)  "So happy with my new tattoo by Kat! Her shop is clean and private and she is so warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Elegant Ink! " (ELIZABETH SALAN) 


105)  "I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Kat is extremely patient, friendly, accommodating, and simply a talented artist. As soon as this one heals, I'm in again for the next one and I can't wait!" (FELIZ FRASER)


104)  "Kat is nothing short of a true artist! Her shop is a hidden gem in a tiny random strip mall- blink and you'll miss it. I love that she is by appointment only and and locks the door when she's in session with you to assure no interruptions. Her "shop" is no such thing. It's a gallery of her art on canvas, her jewelry and her personality. It is the best and most comfortable place I have ever been inked. Not only does Kat do excellent technical work, but she actually care about you as a person! I had a simple wrist tattoo yesterday and she has checked in to make sure I am doing well and how you're healing. She's humble with a sense of humor. Her rate is totally reasonable and her work is impeccable. The amount of detail she achieved in my ink is impressive and I have tons of amazed comments. Whether it's your first ink or you're filling in that last square inch on your body, Kat's your gal. 100% recommend her with zero hesitation." (JANNA)


103)  "Kat was super patient and thoughtful with me when it came to designing my tattoo. This was my very first one so I was extremely nervous. The whole process took about a month to design while emailing back and forth and the tattoo itself took two and a half hours. Kat was very professional, thoughtful, and kind throughout everything! I would definitely recommend Elegant Ink! " (JENISE)


102)  "Kat is amazing and so professional! She has done almost all of my tattoos and some of my piercings and i have never been disappointed! She is incredible! Thank you for everything!:) " (JENNIFER LINDSEY)


101)  " Kat was great! Beautiful work and a great comfortable shop! I love my new ink and can't wait for her to create my next piece! " (JOANNA BILA)


100) "I went to Kat about 2 weeks ago for a couple smaller tattoos; one (a butterfly) to represent Thyroid Disease & Thyroid Cancer awareness, and the other (La Vie Est Belle) which means Life is Beautiful. I wasn't quite sure what size to get for the butterfly, but Kat had several sizes for me to choose from to help decide which would look best behind my ear. Both turned out very well, and took less time than I had thought. Before I left, I discussed the tattoo I have been unhappy with, and made an appointment to get it covered up. I was able to show Kat some ideas I have in mind, and she would also send me some ideas as well. I have seen some of the "before and after" work Kat has done on cover up, or touch up tattoos; and am sure my cover up will look beautiful too!" (BECKY MEADOWS)


99)  "Kat at Elegant Ink was fabulous. Professional, positive and accommodating. This is my first tattoo and she made the experience a very positive one. I highly recommend Elegant Ink." (JANE SNYDER


98)  "Kat's work is beautiful and she is a pleasure to work with. I have friends now considering using her for their next tattoo and I highly recommend her." (JAN W)


97)  "Kat has an amazing touch with the tattoo gun and has an amazing artistic eye. I am absolutely thrilled with my tattoo and am already planning at least 2 more from her. I would highly recommend going to her." (SEAN M)


96)  "A truly amazing little spot. The owner/artist, Katharine Anne, is a charming and caring woman with a wicked hand for ink. She helped me design a custom tattoo as a memorial for my son and it is everything I could have imagined. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for good ink and good company. She is thorough, sterile, speedy and relatively cheap. The studio looks like a hole in the wall in a little strip next to a liquor store but don't let the exterior fool you. Inside the parlor is colorful, well decorated, warm, and full of her paintings (she started as a painter). So give her a try. It's a wait to get in (she is by appointment only) but in my opinion, totally worth it." (KELLY B)


95)  "My family loved them... My son really loved the mine craft letters, thought it was the best thing ever. He said he wanted to take me to show and tell. I've had nothing but positive responses from everybody that's seen them. (JOEY HOWARD)


94)  "Katherine is the best! She such a great listener and always up for anything. I feel I have some strange ideas but she always comes through and works with me on the perfect design. my opinion of tattoo artist use to be there were so cocky and rude but I dont get that at all with Katherine. Super sweet and excellent artist. I love how she generally does not use black outline making the tat look very real and unique just like a painting. Shes excellent with realism or anything your heart desires. I have several tats from Katherine and plan on using her for life. Dont waist your time looking around, seriously, or if you do she does cover ups too:)" (BETHANNE BEISNER)


93)  "Katherine was very patience with me and all my questions. The type of operation she has is what my wife and I were looking for and the only type of place that my wife would get a tattoo at. Privacy during the process and a shop that did not look like a biker bar were very important to us. I wanted a clean facility and process and Elegant Ink's whole operation met that important requirement. Katherine was flexible making sure we got the right tattoo and her art work is incredible. Katherine was the perfect person for us middle age first time tattooers."

92)  "Just wanted to give props to Kat, she did an awesome job on two of my Tats and I can't wait for my next!!!" (TERESA CANNON)


91)  "This is one of the best tattoo shops in the state of Colorado. Katherine is very good at the tattoos she gives perfect penmanship. She is easy to work with and you get the tattoo you want and not what the artist wants. She has great pricing and very flexible working a schedule out with you. I will never go to another tattoo artist again except for Katherine." (JUAN CORTEZ)


90)  Kat-I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tattoo!! I have spread your praises to everyone I know. (SANDRA WISELEY-CARR)


89)  "Best tattoo experience I've ever had. The environment is clean, comfortable and professional. The walls are adorned by Katherine's original, tasteful artwork, and the tattoo chair faces a television with an eclectic collection of DVD movies to distract you from the pain while you sit. Since Katherine is the sole artist of the studio, she locks the front door to guarantee privacy--a much-appreciated feature. Katherine's creative touch is one-of-a-kind. In a male-dominated industry, Katherine offers a unique twist to tattoo artistry by providing a distinct, but not overtly feminine flare to her work. However, this is not to say she only creates feminine art. As a man, I came to her seeking a fix for an unfinished lower-leg sleeve that had been butchered by male artists in the past. Katherine offered her professional advice, doodled on my leg to illustrate the potential fixes, and edited the work along the way in accordance with my persnickety requests. The result was a beautifully balanced piece, complete with new and old ink blended together with masculine and feminine energy like a veritable yin-yang. I could not be more pleased with my experience at Elegant Ink and the tattoo I hobbled away with. My only regret is that I did not bring enough cash to tip her what she deserved for the work." (NICHOLAS B)


88)  "Highly recommend! Kat is awesome and my tattoo is perfect - even better than I had hoped. Thanks! " (JANELLE SPAHN)


87)  "Best tatoo experience I've ever had. Take your own DVD in, I came close to falling asleep!" (TIMMY MINCER)


86)  "Kat is great, she is very patient and wants to make you the perfect tattoo. I have already scheduled my next one with her! She is a very talented artist, with a very clean, comfortable shop!" (JESSI CART)


85)  "Very clean tattoo shop; different then any other tattoo shop I've ever been in. She did excellent work!!!" (KERRY KJELLSEN)


84)  "Kat was great to work with and I look forward to working with her again soon!! " (KATIE ALLEN)


83)  "Kat is the best. Such an artistic and kind soul! I went to a different person once cause he was so much closer. He screwed it up. Kat was nice enough & talented enough to fix it! " (MIKE WOJTKO)


82)  "Bought this as a gift and was not disappointed. Beautiful work." (MARINA MORALES)


81)  "Kat is great! She did great work, couldn't be more happy. Next tattoo will be soon, and Kat will be doing!!!!" (GREG CAMERA)


80)  "Kat designed my tattoo exactly how I wanted it. I can be very picky, and she was very patient with me. She is an amazing artist, and will definitely refer her! " (ROSEANN TORRES)


79)  "Kat is great! She makes it very comfortable and her work is outstanding! I love my tattoo!" (LUISA MARTINEZ)


78)  "I absolutely love my tattoo now :) started with 3 individual outlines of roses and ended up with a beautiful piece of art work, shaded and complete:) thank you!!" (BRITTANY S)


77)  "If I could give 2 thumbs up I would! Already made our next appointment! " (NICOLE MCGLASHAN)


76)  "KAT is a beautiful artist! Thank you for the amazing tattoo!" (KARLA SCHWENN)


75)  "I have recommended her to other people already and they are considering using her services. Wonderful to work with." (JANETTE WALERI)


74)  "As always Kat did a great job!! " (TAMMY SCHULTZ)


73)  KAT was great to work with and has a great detailed mind and gentle hand. I will be returning to have her finish my Full leg!! Great place" (DALE BEMET)


72)  "She is an amazing artist who does amazing work, was sterile and very personable as well " (AMBER VON BROCKLIN)


71)  "This was by far, the absolute best tattoo experience I have ever had. I love the work that Kat did, and the atmosphere and comfort of her shop are seriously a step up from most shops. Can't wait to go back and get more work!" (ALYSSA ERICSON)


70)  "It was hard to schedule with her. The tattoos we got were great. She did wonderful and we had great customer service will in her studio" (KIM)


69)  "Thank you so much for doing my tat! It's so amazing that words can't begin to describe it. Your cards will all be passed out soon and I will have to come up with the next idea. (CHAD YOUNG)


68)  "Great place to go whether you are a first timer (like I was) or have multiple tattoos. Kat is very skilled and welcoming." "I keep forgetting to tell you thanks for the bouquet you added to my shoulder. I keep finding myself admiring it and can't believe it took me so long to take the plunge. I guess it just took me that long to find you! " (SUE SPILLER)


67)  "I just wanted to say thank you again so much. I am so in love with this tattoo! You were an amazing person and made us feel so welcome to your shop! Cant wait to get tatted by you again in the near future!! Thank you again, I couldn't be happier with it." (OLIVIA)


66)  "Thank you for fixing my tattoo, I really love it! You did a beautiful job!" (CHRIS STILL)


65)  "I just finished a half marathon and wanted a tattoo to represent my accomplishment. I was unsure on the placement, Kat was extremely patient. I decided to get it on my wrist. Let me just say, I was a bit nervous, cause let's face it..tattoos hurt! But not with Kat! She is very light handed. At times it almost tickled. The experience was so enjoyable..I think I want to get another! Thank you Kat..I love my new ink!!" (CRISTINA CAMERA)


64)  "Kat is an amazing person and artist. She has an great touch with a tattoo gun and creates amazing works of art! She has a very loyal customer from now one." (DAN VAN ACKER)


63)  "Kat, I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with my tattoo! I love it and am so thankful for your patience and skill! I was so comfortable in your studio, I appreciated the privacy and warmness of it! I will be back! " (STEPHANIE ADAMS)


62)  "Kat was great! I even changed my mind about the size of the tat right before we started and she was really patient so I got exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend her. I'm even going back to get an old tattoo touched up." (MARGO COOK)


61)  "Katherine is really gifted and for someone who is marking your body so intensively she is kind, caring, and connects with the ritual that for some is a spiritual experience. I left a space on my tattoo for a memorial to my father who is currently with cancer. I plan on going back and I know she will close and lock the door, light a candle, let put flowers up, burn sage, and finish a beautiful memory to him. She is worth it not only as an artist but as a person I will remember for life made the experience comfortable, professional, accommodating, and personable. GO FOR IT!" (RODERICK BURKS)


60)  "Katherine was wonderful! Very patient with me." (KAREN CROWFOOT)


59)  "Kat was very patient and encouraging during my daughter's first tattoo session." (CHERIE MONTOYA)


58)  "Amazing work, great atmosphere." (FRANCY ROMERO)


57)  "Katherine Anne was great!! She is seriously an artist and will work with you to get the design you want. It was my sixth tattoo and now it's my favorite!" (HEIDI KENT)


56)  "The only reason I won't go back is that I'm done with tattoos! she was awesome, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to get a tat! very nice and she really made sure my tat was EXACTLY how I wanted. great experience! (except for the fact there was a needle on my skin)" (NANCY PEREIRA)


55)  "I will refer her to friends and family. Great work!" (VICTOR STEWART)


54)  "Kat was awesome and her shop was clean and safe." (TAMMY KAISER)


53)  "Kat was great and I felt very comfortable in her shop. Thanks!" (RACHAEL MEYER) 


52)  "The service was wonderful, and she did a FABULOUS job!" (NICHOLE BRIX)


51)  "I looooove it! Kat was so cool, and so professional. I love the detail of her work and will definitely be going back!" (NATALIE FANTIN)


50)  "It was incredible! Amazing experience with Katherine!" (MACKENZIE O'HALLORAN)


49)  "Kat was wonderful, did a great job and made me feel very comfortable." (LISA GARSTKA)


48)  "Kat did a great job, thank you!" (LILY COTE)


47)  "Great artist, I would recommend her work." (LARRY RAMEY)


46)  "Kat was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable through the whole process For my first tattoo she made me feel at ease. I will go see her again when Im ready for my next!" (KRISTIN REINHART)


45)  "Thank you so were so great, everything really good, an I will totally refer you." (KENDRA SONDERBERG)


44)  "Thank you you are super awesome I love your work and the environment couldn't ask for somebody better to work on me." (JOSH FOSTER)


43)  "Katherine was skilled and friendly and professional. Great experience. Thanks!" (JESSIE HANSON)


42)  "Kat was so accommodating and I love my new tattoo!" (COLETTE CROWFOOT)


41)  "She did an amazing job on my tattoo. Will definitely return!" (CHERYL BONAGUIDI)


40)  "Katherine is an incredible artist with an extremely unique shop. The tattoo shops I have visited before often left me feeling out of place. Elegant Ink is comfortable, intimate and full of Katherine's fine art and jewelry, all of which are beautiful. She has done two tribute tattoos for me and was so kind and patient when I was being picky. I absolutely love her work and will never go to anyone else!" (ALYSSA MEHRENS)


39)  "Katherine was very nice and personable. She made you feel comfortable. I will go back." (CATHY BRIDGES)


38)  "Katherine was awesome!" (CARINA BROSE)


37)  "Kat at Elegant Ink does amazing artwork! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new tattoo." ( BRIAN BECK)


36)  "Love this place and love the owner I am definitely going back, I have another appointment in a few days. she does a great job and in great detail." (AMIE O'CONNOR)


35)  "I received my first tattoo from Katherine. It was a wonderful experience. She really took her time to come up with the artwork on paper before we began. I would recommend to to anyone. We are currently working on my next tat, and I can't wait...Im hooked" (ANNE)


34)  "I recently went to Elegant Ink. The tattoo I left with was better than I imagined. I had an idea, and Katherine ran with it. I could not have pictured it any better. Thank you so much. I will be back for more." (KAREN EDELMAN) "Thank you to all who attended the tattoo party for Cici." (KATHERINE ANNE) "We had such a great weekend. Thank you to everyone that was able to come, and make it a great weekend." (KACEY TRUJILLO) "It was an awesome time. Great family and great tat's." (SHONNA TERRILL)


33)  "Had great time. It was good to see everyone of course and getting a second tattoo after 9 years. You got a pretty good size one but its worth the little pain. They're all beautiful tattoos we got." (RACHEL JACOBS)



32)  "Every time I look at my tattoo, I like it even more." (MEGAN BROOKS)


31) "In looking for a tattoo shop for my first tattoo, the idea of your "everyday tattoo shop" scared me. I was fortunate to find "Elegant Ink" while doing a web search. From the website, it looked like just what I was looking for! I called and talked to Katherine (Kat), and my first conversation with her eased my nerves. She was very friendly, and answered all of my questions without me feeling like they were dumb. I made an appointment to come in and talk over the details with her. Again, my first face to face visit was great! The shop was definitely not a scary place to enter! We decided on a date, and I was set to have my very first tattoo! When I arrived at the shop for the tattoo, she greeted not only myself, but my husband with a nice hug! She offered us coffee as well! Nice touch! She took her time and explained what she was going to do, showed me the colors she was going to use, let me hear the tattoo gun, etc. and prepared me for what was to come. She had no problems whatsoever with my husband being in the room, and taking pictures throughout the steps of the tattoo. The conversation was very comfortable and I found myself relaxed through the whole thing! When all was said and done, I ended up with a perfect tattoo! She did exactly what I wanted and listened to every "concern", wish, desire I had. I love the tattoo! I would recommend Kat to anyone looking for a tattoo, be it your very first, or your 100th!! A great big thank you to Katherine!! What a great experience! :-) (RACHAEL DEGRAAF)


30)  "In my opinion and experience, getting a tattoo should not be taken too lightly. Katherine Ann is an artist first, which makes her the perfect person to understand the meaning and goal behind your design/ideas. I have had the pleasure of getting 3 tattoos from Kat...every experience has been exciting, comfortable, and rewarding. I have referred many people to Elegant Ink and they all keep going back for more! She also has the perfect needle to wipe ratio. Five star quality, get your tat from Kat!" (ROBYN HARGROVE)


29)  "Elegant Ink is the best place to get a tattoo! Katherine does a great job on all of her work." (JUSTIN LINDSEY)


28)  "My husband and I went to Elegant Ink for our first tattoos and I can now say that I blame Katherine for both of us wanting more of them!! I am a person that can't make decisions very easily. I wanted a unique tattoo for my daughter and Katherine brought that thought to life. It must have taken me a few months to get it just right. I know I must have drove her crazy because I kept going back and forth with what I wanted but she hung in there with me and we finally got a design that I loved!! Now I have plans for 3 more in the near future! I would recommend anyone to Elegant Ink!"(BRIANNE BLACK)


27)  "Katherine is great. She made my first tattoo a great and memorable experience. She is very professional and I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone. Along with that her prices are affordable. Katherine is the best." (JASON BLACK)


26)  "Katherine Anne of Elegant Ink is AWESOME! Her Rates are great, her shop is super clean and she not only has a great personality but is an incredible artist both on canvas and on skin!" (BUNNY)


25)  "I heard about Katherine through a good friend of mine and since I am always up to helping out small businesses, I thought I would try it out. My experience with her as been amazing, she is very detailed in her work and makes me feel comfortable every time I am in her shop. I have received 3 tattoos from her and plan getting more by the end of the year. "Let Me Breathe" was my first tattoo with Katherine and not only was it a great experience but it has helped with my self esteem and letting a lot of personal/emotional things go in my life. Since working with Katherine, I have sent several friends her way and they all say wonderful things about their experiences. Katherine is an awesome woman and it has been a pleasure working with her. I wish her much luck in making lastly memories in peoples lives!" (CHRISTINE MAJARES)


24)  "Katherine's easy going attitude and comfortable surroundings made for an excellent experience at Elegant Ink. The privacy was something I haven't experienced during other tattoos." (JANA DOPLER)


23)  "I have wanted a tattoo for along time and was just to nervous to go to just anyone. Lucky for me a friend recommended Katherine. She is just the best! I loved the tattoo so much that I got a second one. Loved that one so much am thinking of getting a third. Katherine is so good at giving you just what you want design wise. She works with you until it's perfect. Her tattooing is also fantastic. Thinking of getting a tattoo - you can't go wrong with Elegant Ink and Katherine!" (SANDRA SWIM)


22)  "Best tattoo experience I have ever had. The shop is very clean and unique. As an artist it was very important for my design to be exactly as I made it, and it came out perfect. I will definitely be back for more!" (DAVE ALTSCHULER)


21)  "I have known Katherine for a few years and have always known she has talent as an artist on canvas. However, seeing her work as a Body Artist convinced me to let her work be tattooed on me. I was undecided on what I wanted, yet just giving her my thoughts she created many designs that were all just incredible. The one that jumped out at me the most was the one she put on my ankle. I am so pleased and excited about having this art on me for the rest of my life. It does have very special meanings behind it." (GINA BINETTI)


20)  "I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much I love my tattoo. I have not had a bit of discomfort and it is peeling now. The amazing thing to me is how natural it seems to have it. My boyfriend will be out of town for at least another week or more so I'm excited to see what he says. Thanks again" (MAUREEN)


19)  "Thank you for the Fantastic Tattoo! I have received many compliments! The pictures on your web site look great. I used your care package well. How cute and wonderful every-thing was in it. The chocolate "medicine" was the best part. I had very little to no peeling - and throughout the the healing time it looked marvelous. Your personality is great! You made me feel comfortable and at ease. You were so patient with my granddaughter & daughter being in the room. I will definitely be a return customer."(BENINA KOUYATE)


18)  "My experience at Elegant Ink was the most professional of all my tattoos, Katherine Anne will do my next tat." (BRUCE STARR)


17)  "It was a great experience for me and the bear turned out real nice. I have had a lot of people say they liked it and I've handed out a lot of your cards." (KURT FULTON)


16)  "Hi Katherine, just wanted to say thanks for the great job! Also I liked the care package! Talk to you soon, I'm thinking about my next one." (VERNON FLOURNON)


15)  "My tat looks great, I can't wait for it to finish peeling so I can see what it will look like healed! Everyone that has seen it has loved it and asks who did it, so hopefully I'll get you some business. Thank you and I hope to get some more work done with you soon."(JASON LUX)


14)  "Thank you Katherine! My eyebrows are GORGEOUS!! I love them." (Lee)


13)  "Elegant Ink is like "No Other" tattoo shop in Denver, and Katherine is not your typical tattooist, either. Actually she is an artist, who's canvas is your skin. The personal time, dedication and her imagination she gave to my piece, has made me a client forever! Thank you again, the tattoo has turned out just as I imagined it." (JC CONOVER)


12)  "My tattoo experience was great. You made a nervous situation very enjoyable, and knew exactly what I wanted before I even knew I wanted. You are very talented, professional and personable. I would never "cheat" on you and get inked by anyone else, ever! I look forward to spending many hours in your elegant shop. Thanks a bunch!"(BILLIE DOHERTY)


11)  "I had an old tattoo that I wanted covered up. I went to several tattoo shops to get ideas. Every place I went told me nothing could be done. I was at my wits end. I went to Elegant Ink and Katherine told me "There's always something that can be done." She took a photo of it, and came up with a couple ideas. I am so happy that I do not have to look at that ugly tattoo anymore. Thank you thank you thank you!!" (KAREN SMUTHERS)


10)  "The experience I had at Elegant Ink was nothing short of first class. I liked the fact that it was a very personal shop. Katherine's artwork decorates the walls in paintings and it was obvious that art is a passion for her. My tattoo exceeded my expectations and left me wanting to get more work done by her. I have recommended her to all my friends." (ALYSSA)


9)  "Im 14 years old. I got a piercing from Elegant Ink. She is very nice and made me not so scared. I've told all my friends about her." (RANDY FORBES)


8)  "Elegant Ink is the most professional shop I have ever been in. It is not your typical shop. The owner is an artist first. She is patient and takes her time. It is a private setting and feels more like a spa than a creepy tattoo shop. I will recommend this shop to all my family and friends" (MARK SCOTT)


7)  "Katherine is WONDERFUL!! She did my first tattoo and she has me ADDICTED!! She is very attentive and listens to what YOU want, not what SHE wants. It is not a "skull and crossbones" shop. She's done more then 7 tattoos on my body,and will do more.....providing my husband lets me. All kidding aside she is a great artist and I have reffered many friends who wanted work done,and there have been no disappointments!! THANKS KAT!!" (KENDRA)


6)  "My husband and myself have gotten several tattoos from Katherine and love all of them!! I told her my ideas and turned them all into beautiful works of art for my body!! I have referred several people to the shop she has yet to disappoint!!! If you are looking for a professional clean and affordable shop for body art look no further you found it!" (B. BLACK)


5)  "90% of my tattoos are from Kath. Were even currently working on more peices! The shop is very clean and I love the style. She truely is an artist. I really like her unique outlining technique. Her work really looks like a painting right off the canvas. Kath is a great listener and is excellent at helping you come up with any kind of custimizations. I drive all the way from Aurora to see her!" (BETH BEISNER)


4)  "I absolutely love the work you did. I can't wait to finish. I will definitely be sending people your way. Thank you again." (AARON ORTEZ)


3) "If you want a dot put on your ass or a straight line next to your butt crack you can get that done anywhere, but if you want a work of art done by an artist you need to see Katherine. Her skills as an artist are unmatched. If you have an idea she can translate that into a unique, one of kind piece of body art or at least connect the dots and lines into something! Honestly check her out, truly talented." (MARK KONOPKA)


2)  "Katherine is a TRUE ARTIST! I'd never go anywhere else! She works with you to design the perfect piece of artwork, makes it original and makes it your own!" (JEANNE TAVENNER)


1)  "Katherine is fabulous! She listened to my vision and then helped interpret it. Her consultations and attention to detail combined with her pure creativity and artistic ability make her the best at her craft! We love you Katherine thanks for everything!" (JEANNIE ECKELMAN)​

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